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Fly Tipping / Organised Crime

This news item has been submitted by Mark Gilbert, owner of Emerald Trading.

“Doing Duty of Care visits is so important however with the sudden increase in “fly tipping” caused by organised crime its vital that ALL commercial waste producer make the effort to make sure they have a full audit trail.

Organised gangs have now realised that waste can generate serious cash and the penalty is minor if caught compared to drugs. The cash is quicker to generate and the under resourced Environment Agency cannot cope.
We all have a Duty of Care and more than ever. If we all made sure our waste is securely and legally disposed of WE CAN stop this. Waste businesses need waste producers to help”
If you have any queries relating to this issue you can contact Mark direct on or call 07970 197954
Kind Regards
Mark Gilbert
Director Recycled Products/Sales Equestrian Division

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